That Time a Couple Snapped Their Engagement Photos in Our Cafe


For Jeff Kaetzel and Chrissy Woo, a café is the perfect setting for love. Somewhere between the lazy rhythm of a late weekend morning and electric bustle of a nine o’clock rush, there lies a certain kind of comfort a space to nurture that promise that sometimes good coffee and a book is all…

Over spring break, I was interviewed by a blogger from Blue Bottle Coffee to be featured on their blog for the engagement shoot I did at their WC Morse Location with Jeff & Chrissy. Here is the full published story! I’m so grateful for opportunities like this one, thanks to everyone who made it possible 

I left San Luis Obispo for spring break on Sunday morning to do a day road trip up the coast to visit my friend Licia in Santa Cruz. I cut over to Monterey, a place I have many fond memories from visiting when I was younger with my family. I of course made my way to 17-mile drive, one of the most famous scenic routes in the world, and drove for a couple hours, stopping at various vistas to snap some shots. I couldn’t have thought of any better way to spend my first day of spring break :)

© Anya McInroy